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This What ‘TV and Mobile Phones’ Are Doing To Your Child

Posted By Admin on 28-Jul-2018

The world is literally walking on an information superhighway fuelled by technology which is spreading its roots worldwide. Gone are the days when children indulged more in outdoor games rather than punching digital screens and watching cartoons all the time.  

One of the crucial problems that parents are facing nowadays is to keep their children focussed in studies while keeping them away from television and mobile phones. The gadget-driven life is slowly taking a toll over the future of children. Since these digital gadgets have become a crucial part of our lives, it is somewhere hampering the brain development of children.

With parents stuck in daily chores of their life, they rely on smart phones or computers or television to divert the mind of their children. But since you can’t avoid this digital world, do you think taking kids off from big screens is an ideal option to draw away their interest?

With piling workload and insufficiency of time, the crux of this situation lies in the understanding of “how much addiction is detrimental to our children”.

Too-much exposure to screen is seriously harmful as there is no limit of watching television and playing with smart phones. It is hard to unglue your children away from the big screens. That’s right?

Since you can’t completely avoid technology which drives everything around us, here we bring you four things that happen to your child when they are fed with too-much technology.

  1. Postural Pain: Have you ever noticed your child complaining about neck pain? Or back pain? Well, slumping on a couch in a bending position for longer hours causes postural pains which can seriously alter the alignment of spine.
  2. Bad vision and Headache: The number of children wearing spectacles has increased in the past decade, due to the repeated exposure to bright lights. This constant exposure is responsible for extreme strain on eyes. 
  3. Obesity: Sitting for longer hours and munching calories causes obesity in children, as it becomes hard to distract them from their favourite cartoon characters.
  4. Bad physical fitness: Watching cartoon characters running after each other on television is easier than playing outside with friends. These kinds of children are less likely to stay healthy.

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