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My Little Library of Moral Stories

Moral story books for kids have always been the parent's first choice. My Little Library of Moral Stories is a pack of five moral stories books brought together for the children aged 5 to 8 years. This pack of moral stories includes the all-time favorite stories namely, ‘The Mice and the Cat’, ‘The Stupid Jackal’, ‘The Soup Party’, ‘The Intelligent Lamb’ and ‘These Grapes are Sour’. Children would enjoy reading these beautifully narrated and illustrated moral stories, and will also learn meaningful values of life. These stories help to build strong values in children.

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Publisher: Young Angels
Pages: 16
Book Size: 140mm x 210mm
Age Group: 6-7 Years
Format: Center Pin Paper Back
ISBN: 978-93-83928-89-7