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Moral Values Make Your Child a Responsible Individual

Posted By Admin on 25-Jul-2018

Life is an unpredictable journey where things can break apart and take you to places undiscovered. No matter what we become and how rich we get, basic values define a person’s personality. Nowadays people are not clear about their core values and they rather focus on what our society and culture value. Besides teaching reading skills and comprehensions, there are considerable numbers of qualities that need to be inculcated in order to be a better individual.

Providing an optimistic environment is one of the basic needs to build basic values among children. To fill the void and construct a range of values, Young Angels has always been focussed on formulating a set of methods to build these values. Down here, we provide you a range of books that fulfil all the requirements.

Young Angels’ Basic Values provide stories which playfully teach lessons of honesty, obedience, discipline, anger control, and other social elements. Stories like ‘I AM NO LONGER DISOBEDIENT’, ‘I AM NO LONGER UNKIND’ and ‘I AM NO LONGER ANGRY’ are the right epitomes which come with interesting characterization and tone. Moreover, the characters depicted in such stories show correct expressions in all the situations.


These stories portray the importance of parents and how they can shape up the future of children by bringing them on a right track. The beautiful illustration captures the attention of children and pinches them with hunger to read more.

Here are few important elements that children will learn from these stories:

  1. Discipline

No matter what you want to achieve, in terms of health, money and dreams, discipline is the key to attain everything. Teaching them the importance of this element could not be that easier.

  1. Truthfulness

Being truthful is a confident way to live a life. The above mentioned stories touch this element and teach children how being truthful will make them a wise person. 

  1. Cooperation

The importance of cooperation plays a vital role in our society. These stories explain how being cooperative and helpful makes us a strong person.

  1. Responsibility

Being responsible for your own deeds is an intelligent move reflected by a trustworthy person. It is the role of parents to reciprocate the emotions and teach them how to be a responsible person.

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